Our focus

Our work calls into question the individual’s relationship with the public places of our everyday lives. Public space has become contested space and the general public’s ability to inhabit it, as citizens rather than consumers, is increasingly under challenge. We aim to contribute to contemporary culture through interventions and projects that engage people in a dialogue about the possibilities of public space.

Our name

The inspiration for our name comes from the qualities of observation, stealth and adpatability that are embodied by hawks. They are believed to be amongst the most intelligent of birds and are well known for their excellent eyesight, many times more powerful than humans. This is coupled with aspects of Logistics, a management system that controls the efficient flow of goods, services and information between the point of origin and points of consumption.

Redhawk Logistica aims to keep watch on aspects of our rapidly evolving public life and deliver cultural solutions and interventions that are relevant and timely.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services that engage people with the contemporary urban environment in creative ways. We self initiate projects, some are developed in partnership with organisations and others are the result of commissions and collaborations.

  • Our education work includes workshops with schools and informal sessions with all ages, mentoring newly emerging creatives and teaching on University courses.
  • We curate exhibitions, commission artists and supply logistics and project management services for arts projects, primarily in informal and unusual spaces.
  • Our public interventions and community engagement activities often involves working with teams of volunteers to create  surprising events in public spaces with specific themes.
  • We also create art objects and cultural artifacts for exhibition and for sale as limited edition prints, publications and multiples.